Tien-Shan Engineering LLP provide our customers with a full range of “turnkey” service from engineering to projects realization in production, namely:

§  Inspection of objects with the purpose of negotiating and agreeing with the client the concept of process automation;
§  Design (development of the design estimates and design documentation):
    o    engineering systems and networks:
    o    main oil and gas pipelines;
    o    automation of technological processes (including accounting and control devices);
    o    electric power supply 110 kV and above;
    o    internal systems of low-voltage devices;
    o    construction design (including construction of metal structures);
§  Complete delivery with optimal and correct choice of field instruments, process control systems manufacturers (instrumentation, controllers and automation systems, on-off and control valves with any type of actuators, cables and mounting materials);
§  Production of complete skids such as metering units, custody transfer and operational oil and gas metering systems;
§  Manufacturing of control cabinets;
§  Production of the distribution panels and ATS voltage up to 10 kV;
§  Mounting and start-up works;
§  Development of information, mathematical support and software;
§  Metrological works (measuring instruments calibration: attestation of measuring equipment, oil metering units, gas metering systems and entry in the register of state instrumentation of Republic of Kazakhstan);
§  Input into trial and commercial operation;
§  Maintenance and servicing;
§  Assembly of different type actuators with control and on-off valves (taps and valves) on the base on pneumo-, hydro- and electric actuators of Rotork company. At the same time we ourselves develop and produce necessary adaptation kits. At the final stage of assembly our qualified specialists perform test at the pre-agreed with customer  FAT procedure: electrical, functional and hydro-testing of integrated solutions “actuator-valve”;
§  Customer's personnel training at the field of automation and production processes in various industries.

Our company has big experience in the realization of “turnkey” projects for the ectraction and processing of petroleum and mineral resources on the territory of Kazakhstan, including the following type of works:

Tank farms and oil terminals of oil storage, oil products and liquefied gaseы:

§  Automation of technological processes of the reservoir farms;
§  Creation of the commercial and technological registration;
§  Creating a management system mass balance stored in the park products;
§  Manage pumping and mixing of products stored in the park;
§  Automation of processes of loading and unloading in road and rail terminals;
§  Organization of commercial accounting processes of loading and unloading in road and rail terminals;
§  Organization of emergency protection (EP);
§  Organization automatic detection system explosive gases and ignition products;
§  Organization of a system of automatic fire extinguishing;
§  Organization of remote control operation of the park via the Internet.

Remote control and fields automation:

§  Automation of the collection of information from remote wells;
§  Automation control of wells manifold;
§  Automation of wells pump control;
§  Automation and manufacturing group and single metering stations;
§  Automation of group settings;
§  Automation of  collection and primary oil processing;
§  Automation of points of integrated refining;
§  Automation of group pumping stations;
§  Plant automation demercaptanization;
§  Automation of water preparation and discharge;
§  Plant automation of desalting of crude oil;
§  Automation of gas treatment plants;
§  Organization of accounting and mass balance derived from oil wells, gas and water;
§  Organization of the accounting of the flared gas;
§  Production of operational oil metering units;
§  Production of operational gas metering;
§  Production of skids;
§  Production of commercial gas metering stations;
§  Organization of communication systems and automated dispatch centers, using wire and fiber optic communication systems, radio modems, radio-Ethernet, systems WiMax, cellular telephone networks.


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