The company consists of
an assembly production boards electrical switchgear up to 10 kV, measurement quantity and quality of crude oil and petroleum products, as well as the boards of automation systems based on controllers of the world's leading manufacturers, pumps, electro-motors control boards on the base of frequency-controlled actuators and soft-starters, telemechanics cabinet. For the quick and qualified customers service on the our warehouse there is supported big assortment of panelboard products, mounting materials, wiring products and electro-technical equipment.

“Tien-Shan Engineering” personnel is regularly trained in the leading panelboard products manufacturing companies, as process automation processes and electrical products.

High qualification of our specialists, combination of the traditional solutions with new gadgets during development, quality control on the production stage allows us to achieve perfect results, regarding the compliance of «price-quality” of the delivered products.

“Tien-Shan Engineering” company is the Domestic Manufacturer and is registered in the registry of domestic commodity producers of the group “National Welfare Fund “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC under # 2768/005557 and organized its own production, which is approved by according certificates of origin form CT KZ on:

1.               Custody transfer metering system/station (CTMS);

2.               Control system cabinets;

3.               Switchgear cabinets for  voltage up to 10 kV.



Almaty City, Temiryazeva st., 42, АТАКЕНТ, павильон 17
Tel.: +7 727 274 22 22
Fax: +7 727 274 22 22

Regional front offices

Aktobe city, M. Ospanov street 52,
corpus 2, office 23.
Tel.: +7 7132 51 88 46;
Fax: +7 7132 55 44 14

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