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Tien-Shan Engineering is registered in the database ALASH

Tien-Shan Engineering is registered in the ALASH database as a service provider and have obtained a Green Policy Certificate. 
ALASH - is a database of online suppliers for oil and gas companies operation in Kazakhstan.

Suppliers registered with ALASH can pass a preliminary qualification assessment and demonstrate their compliance with the minimum criteria set by the operators of the industry.

Statement of Green Policy:

ü  We strive to be environmentally aware and reduce the company's impact on the environment.

ü  We intent to adopt and maintain procedures that will help preserve the environment and make the workplace where environmental issues will be discussed and implemented.

ü  We intend to adopt and support environmental policies as part of our corporate strategy and encourage our customers and suppliers to follow this course.

ü  We recognize that we are responsible for the environment and that our duty is to do everything in our power to protect it. 

ü  As part of the measures that we defined as a means of protection environment we intend to: 

ü  Reduce energy consumption; 

ü  Reduce water consumption.

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