Certificates of employees

 TNabiullin RFS certificate7  fr1  rot2010t  rot2010yl  tim2  HIMA Kholostenko M
Sertificate Morozov Sertificate Volnenko  rotork2010  Rotork Ravil  Rotork Brailov  Rotork Denis
vdt logix parsanin vdt logix parsanin vdt ft akholostenko vdt logix akholostenko  vdt ft kuroptev  vdt logix kuroptev
EH certificate EndresHauser 2009  Basic concepts in measuring technology  EH  HR SERVICES Contact Vildana  Basic introduction of Installed Base Audit
 Timur Phoenix Contact  Holostenko Phoenix Contact 1  sertificate Phoenix Contact  PhoenixContact  Kholostenko A. Coriolis Basics  Kholostenko A. Explosion protection
 Cert Morozov  Cert Volnenko  Mamenov PRG1  Mamenov PRG2  Mamenov PRG3  Mamenov SCL
 Tkachenko PRG1  Tkachenko PRG2  Tkachenko PRG3  Tkachenko SCL  vdt logix parsanin  vdt logix parsanin
 Волненко Siemens S72  KANEX Krohne Уровнемеры и сигнализаторы уровня9 EH Волненко Siemens S72 20011Браилов А - Siemens WinCC4
Волненко Е.Е. расчет неопределенности измерений 20123 Браилов А.А. расчет неопределенности измерений4 2011Волненко Е.Е. поверка и калибровка СИ давлениявакуума расхода и кол-ва жидкостей и газов3-6
 brailov 2016  proskurin 2016 Zykov Mukhtaganova
 Yokogawa Centum VP 1 Mikhail  Kholostenko A. GE Cimplicity HMI  Kholostenko A. GE PPS  Kholostenko M. GE PPS
DANIEL Emerson DeltaV Configuration 7010 Nail Nabiullin Emerson ROC and FloBoss 1200 Engineering Nail Nabiullin Emerson ROC and FloBoss Engineering I Nail Nabiullin Fisher-Rosemount Mikhail Yokogawa Centum VP 2


Almaty City, Temiryazeva st., 42, АТАКЕНТ, павильон 17
Tel.: +7 727 274 22 22
Fax: +7 727 274 22 22
E-mail: box@t-sh-e.com

Regional front offices

Aktobe city, M. Ospanov street 52,
corpus 2, office 23.
Tel.: +7 7132 51 88 46;
Fax: +7 7132 55 44 14

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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