• About Company
    In October 2006 a group of managers with extensive experience in the market of industrial automation founded Tien-Shan Engineering LLP to avail of accumulated experience to the benefit of clients. The word "Engineering" is not merely a part of our Company’s name but it also represents our approach to conduct of business. We consider engineering as a creative process which starts with technical requirements and terms of reference, examination of your facility and includes creation of design estimates, optimum choice and provision of equipment, assembly, startup and metrological support as well as the entire range of works, including startup with subsequent aftersales service.
    For today more than 50 employees work in our company, and each of them contributes to the dynamical development of our company and is optimistic about their future.

    Tien-Shan Engineering LLP company has all necessary Licenses of II Category for design and commissioning works in RoK according to our industrial specialization, confirming the plenipotentiary of the provided works and services and has 100% Kazakhstani participation/content.

    Also our company got attestation according to Quality Management system and got certificates: CT RK 9001-2009 “Quality and management system”, CT RK ISO 14001-2006 “Ecology management system”, CT RK OHSAS 18001-2008 “Professional safety and health management system”.

    Tien-Shan Engineering company is the Domestic Manufacturer and is registered in the registry of domestic commodity producers of the group “National Welfare Fund “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC under # 2768/005557 and organized  its own production, which  is approved by according certificates of origin form CT KZ on:

    1.Crude oil custody transfer metering system/station (COCTMS);
    2.Control system cabinets;
    3.Switchgear cabinets for voltage up to 10 kV.

    The equipment produced by us also has Emergency Permission for its application on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the hazardous production facilities of the following technologies, technical devices of our own production:

    1.COCTMS (crude oil custody transfer metering systems/stations  (manufactured by Tien-Shan Engineering);
    2.GCTMS (gas custody tranfer metering system ( manufactured by Tien-Shan Engineering).

  • Our Services
    1. Inspection of objects with the purpose of negotiating and agreeing with the client the concept of process automation;
    2. Design (development of the design estimates and design documentation);
    3. Complete delivery with optimal and correct choice of field instruments, process control systems manufacturers
    4. Production of complete skids such as metering units, custody transfer and operational oil and gas metering systems;
    5. Manufacturing of control cabinets;
    6. Production of the distribution panels and ATS voltage up to 10 kV;
    7. Mounting and start-up works;
    8. Development of information, mathematical support and software;
    9. Metrological works;
    10. Input into trial and commercial operation;
    11. Maintenance and servicing;
    12. Assembly of different type actuators with control and on-off valves (taps and valves) on the base on pneumo-, hydro- and electric actuators of Rotork company;
    13. Customer's personnel training at the field of automation and production processes in various industries;
    14. Repair and examination of metering equipment. See more


  • IQ
  • A и AWT
    A и AWT
    Многооборотные электрические приводы типа «A» и «AWT»
  • CP
    пневматические приводы с кривошипной передачей
  • GP/GH
    гидравлические и пневматические приводы
  • CVA
    электрические приводы для управления регулирующей арматурой 
  • CP
  • RС
    пневматические приводы с кривошипной передачей
  • RH
    гидравлические приводы с зубчатой передачей
  • GP/GH
    пневматические и гидравлические приводы
  • GAS Over Oil
    GAS Over Oil
  • High Pressure Gas
    High Pressure Gas
    приводы высого давления двойного действия
  • Skilmatic
    интеллектуальные электрогидравлические приводы
  • Subsea
  • LP/LH
    линейные пневматические и гидравлические приводы
  • Twin Power
    Twin Power


Almaty City, Temiryazeva st., 42, АТАКЕНТ, павильон 17
Tel.: +7 727 274 22 22
Fax: +7 727 274 22 22
E-mail: box@t-sh-e.com

Regional front offices

Aktobe city, M. Ospanov street 52,
corpus 2, office 23.
Tel.: +7 7132 51 88 46;
Fax: +7 7132 55 44 14

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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